30% Commissions! Solution-Rewalty

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30% Commissions! Solution-Rewalty


Written by Kevin Coutinho

30% Commissions! Solution- Rewalty !!!

It's 7:30 PM on a Friday, and it's that moment you have been waiting for all week. You open up blah blah app that eats 30-35% merchant commission, and you place an order, and your food magically appears! Congratulations, you are now a part of the blah blah convenience algorithm!

Before I begin with my views, I know! Everyone has views. But hear me out, and I assure you won't regret it. To make things interesting, let's start with a quote.

"What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient".
So that you know, I just googled "Quotes on convenience" before I copy-pasted! Why? Well, it was just convenient!
I don't blame you! I have done it numerous times and fallen into the trap of relying on convenience without measuring what comes after that! What comes after that? Well, let's have a look.

F For the ease of reading, I have divided this article into three parts:
The merchant's perspective
The customer's perspective
The third focuses on the solution.
Well what use is a problem if we don't solve it!

Restaurant's Perspective

Let's take this view from the point of conversation to keep you interested because reading such a long article isn't convenient. Let's make it convenient for you! Let's suppose the restaurant owner's name is Mr Eat and his imaginary friend is Mr Order!

According to a survey of 15,000 merchants in Australia, the findings are it is impossible to make a profit with such an absurd commission regime. The Restaurants and Catering Assumption (RCA) has asked the customers to let go of blah blah apps! Well, is that convenient?

What if the commissions are reduced to 10%? Well, in that case, the merchants could make a profit but how will Blah Blah sustain! It will sustain an ecosystem of a convenient solution for the hospitality industry! At Rewalty, we aim to bring blockchain to the market for the everyday customer and create an ecosystem whereby the commissions, profitability, and convenience all work in equilibrium to sustain the merchants! Phhheewwww that was a mouthful!

The next article will focus on how we intend to solve this trilemma with a solution at Rewalty!


Written by

Kevin Coutinho

June 10, 2021